"We didn't understand the importance of compliance until we were being audited."

Amit (Director of RTO), Client

Areas of Practice

​We provide a full service to the Education Sector

  • Purchase and Sale of an existing RTO 

  • Applying for initial registration of RTO

  • Assisting and advising on ongoing requirements 

  • Changes and renewals of registrations

  • Contesting ASQA decisions and representation at audits

  • Ongoing compliance with the VET Quality Framework

  • Intellectual property and copyright (course material or otherwise)

  • Service Contracts (with enforcement clauses for commissions payable)

  • Review of lease agreements

  • Employment contracts

  • Service Agreements for Student Services

  • Debt Collection

  • Director and Shareholder Disputes

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Litigation

Considering the highly saturated world of Registered Training Organisations  (RTO's) and education agencies in Victoria alone, it is surprisingly difficult to find the right legal advice. Until now. 

Melbourne Law Studio can offer compliance and legal advice to RTO's and Education Agents across a whole range of topics. 

We understand the complexities of running an RTO and have extensive experience and resources to assist you. Furthermore, we value the hard work of agencies and understand all that they bring to this industry.

To the left is a non exhaustive list of services we offer. Let us help you navigate whichever process or problem you are faced with, education based or commercial.