“Having a fixed fee arrangement from the start made a world of a difference, I knew what to expect."

Aida, Client

The way we charge

  • Fixed fee

  • Cap fee

  • Hourly rate

  • Monthly subscription

  • Court scales and rates

  • Part payments and flexible payment arrangements

At Melbourne Law Studio we are committed to fair and competitive pricing with flexible payment options. 

We will address the issue of fees during your first consultation and provide you with an easy to read costs agreement and disclosure statement should you wish to engage us. 

Each matter is unique and subject to its own set of circumstances, but while we are getting to know you during our initial consultation, we are also getting to know your file and scoping the work as we go. We have experience in the work we do, so we usually know how long something will take and if there are any special circumstances which may trigger additional costs. We are transparent and believe that a conversation about costs is an ongoing one. 

We don't believe in sacrificing our relationships with our clients due to fee disputes, so we welcome open conversation at any stage of our engagement. 

Additional questions about fees or how we charge? Get in touch.